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Working together to build vibrant, diverse online communities that are open, engaging, and purposeful.

The RASA Platform

what better learning and communications look like... what better communities look like

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Use the RASA platform to create your own branded web-based app to:

  • deliver timely content to your audience via email and push notifications
  • publish rich content including images, videos, and surveys
  • chain content together for your users to follow as part of a defined course or program, with full reporting and compliance tools
  • build an online community, away from the distraction of other social media, with community tools like Ask, Chat and Notes

View our RASA app

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Are you a business with employees to train?

What if you could reduce on-boarding and training costs by 20%?

  • Create and deliver targeted content: monthly posts, real-time conference updates, on-boarding and ongoing training and testing modules for staff, surveys, and promotional and educational materials for clients.
  • Built-in reporting tools allow you to monitor progress and provide encouragement; or to respond quickly to a compliance audit.
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Are you a professional with a message to share?

Are you an expert in your field with a message or curriculum to share to a wider audience?

  • Market and distribute your curriculum and provide a safe, private environment for questions and discussion.
  • Sell subscriptions to your content, or access to individual programs, using the built-in e-commerce solution.
  • Consolidate your audiences’ learning and communications in one place and watch your online community grow.

Our Services

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Content Management

We’ll add your existing content to your app. This service includes fact-checking, line-editing, and content organization.

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Content Creation

Give us an outline of your content requirements and learning objectives and we’ll conduct all the research, writing, and editing.

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Let us help you create vibrant and engaging content for your audience, including interview, documentary and explainer videos, photography, and podcasts.